He had been a very bad boy. Unforgiveable, really. He had scheduled several appointments with his Mistress, but then he blew them all off. He didn’t know why he had been so oppositional. It would have only taken a minute to cancel with dignity, but he dreaded Her disappointment so he avoided the task altogether. The end result was so much worse. She blocked him. She said, “Three strikes, you’re out.” He missed the taste of her flogger. The feel of Her soft hands as She spanked him into submission. No more basking in her Glory. No more sipping from Her Sunshine. He coveted the Crack of Her Whip, the Bite of Her Teeth. He had to see Her. He would beg for forgiveness; Endure any Agony, just to be allowed back into Her Good Graces. He knew what he needed to do.

He went to Her website. There it was: The link to Her listing on Niteflirt.com. He had wasted so much of Her time. He would pay Her to talk to him and Beg Her to let him back In. When She spoke he nearly melted to the floor. To fall on his knees, to live just to please; there was Nothing he wanted More. She laughed as She warned of his perilous Fate. She dared him to show up One Second Late. She Promised She would bring him Hell. He hopes he lives to tell the tale.

She greeted the man in Sexy Black Leather. He couldn’t wait to be back on Her Tether. She buckled the leash as tight as She could then told him to Strip, right where he stood. “Get on all fours and crawl on the floor. Time to play, you poor little whore.” She snickered as he made his way to the room, darkened in gloom and a stage set for Doom. “Put your nose in the corner,” the Dominatrix said, then She beat his ass until it was bright Red. She rubbed in a mixture that made his marks Burn but that was just part of the pain he had Earned. All times before he had craved CBT but the look in Her eyes made him want to Flee.

He knew She was Vicious but this was Unreal. This was a Goddess of Vengeance and Zeal. She ordered him down on the bed in Her Chains. This was the Moment the True Sadist Reigned. She smiled as She blazed up a Fiery Torch. He held his breath cause he knew he was Scorched. A Blue Flame to Metal came Ever more Near. His eyes grew so wide as he faced his Fear. Before when She bit him it made him so hard but searing his balls just might leave him scarred. Still, if that was Her wish then so let it be. He would be charred for Her Majesty. The Hiss of the Kiss as it Sizzled his skin renewed his intention to Suffer in Sin. He cried as he begged her to Even the Score. She blessed him with Torment he couldn’t ignore.

She raised the hem of her Leather Dress as She settled down and sat on his face. She held his nose as he gazed into Heaven then covered his mouth and counted to Seven. She let him breathe then held it again. This was Her favorite Submission game. He’d rather taste Her than Ever Inhale. He tried to lick but it was a Fail. She slapped his face then smothered his head. His cock stood erect, coming back from the dead. “Good boy,” She praised when his flag was raised. Then sent him to Space in a Blistering Haze. He knew he was Hers for the Rest of his days.

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I’m Mistress Victory Von Stryker, a Dominatrix living at the beach somewhere in the South. I crave writing just like I live to punish naughty subs.

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Victory Von Stryker

Victory Von Stryker

I’m Mistress Victory Von Stryker, a Dominatrix living at the beach somewhere in the South. I crave writing just like I live to punish naughty subs.

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